These K-Pop Stars Look Like CGI, Here’s Why

Ever wondered why Korean actors and singers look like CGI? Let’s dig deep into beauty standards popular in Korea.

South Korea is filled with rich cultures that distinguish it from other parts of the world.

Be it entertainment, custom & etiquette to their style of communication. They have a unique way of doing everything

From the many cultures that they have, there’s a particular one that has many people in awe: Korean beauty standards

You must be thinking “How can that be a culture?”. Oh, but it is. Beauty standards are so hyped in Korea that people take them as seriously as their education.

And not just any standards, they have a very specific set of physical attributes that the majority of Koreans look up to (men and women alike)

You’ll be surprised to know what they are, especially what they do to acquire them

Examples of Korean beauty criteria include:

1. Small face

In Korean, an innocent looking face is overly-hyped. Everybody strives for the innocent face.

Small faces are considering more aesthetically pleasing than bigger faces. Having an innocent face means you look child-like and younger.

It also complements the gender roles. For women, if your face is innocent makes men want to act as a protective figure.

beauty standards in Korea

2. V-shaped jawline

Having a small face means slimming down your jaw to make it smaller so that it resembles a V shape.

Big square jaws are deemed as unattractive, so people undergo major surgeries to have their jaws resemble the very shape.

Korean beauty products

3. Double eye-lids

Double eyelids are the extra line of skin above your actual eye-lids. This is believed to make your eyes look bigger and more attractive.

Many Koreans have small eyes with single eyelids. Makeup comes in handy with this one.

Double-eyelid tapes are found almost anywhere in Korean cosmetic shops.

It’s a small tape (double sided or single sided) that you place right atop of your upper eye-lid. This makes it appear as if you have another fold above your natural eyelid

The desire of having double eye-lids leads has cosmetic surgeons booked with double-eyelid surgery appointments

korean beauty standards

4. Aegyo-sal (little puffy bags under the eyes)

You might be thinking why anybody would want under-eye bags, but Aegyo-sals are not the same.

They’re the fatty deposits right below the eyes, just above the sensitive area prone to dark circles and eye bags. They’re also referred to as “youthlites” or “Korean love band surgery”

They are mostly seen in the faces of children. So, the idea is that of a more youthful look

People mostly make an impression of an Aegyo-sal by makeup.

It can also be acquired by surgically by getting collagen, fat or hyaluronic acid injected beneath your eyes.

         Korean beauty standards

5. Small Lips

Unlike other places around the world, where people admire full pouty lips, Koreans strive for relatively smaller lips with a smaller pout

This is also said to give more youthful and innocent appearance

Korean beauty standard small lips

6. Straight eyebrows

This feature is seen in many k-pop stars and other celebrities.

We are familiar with the ideas that females tend to go for a more arched brow shape and males for a straight shape

But in Korea, the females get their brows done in a straight shape.

I can’t speak with absolute certainty, but I’m guessing the reason they go for this shape in order to achieve a more natural look as they make you look expression-less than when you have an arched brow

Korean beauty standards straight eyebrow

7. Large eyes

People go nuts over the idea of having large eyes that stand out.

There isn’t a way to make your eyes itself bigger but there are ways to trick other people consciousness to make it seem like we do.

As mentioned before, one way to make your eyes look bigger would be getting a double-eyelid surgery.

But the most convenient and practiced technique would be applying a white liner in the skin right under your lower lid, making it look like you have a bigger sclera (white part of the eye)

Korean beauty standards large eyes

8. Flawless Skin

Flawless skin, meaning no freckles, no moles and no blemishes – a spotless complexion.

Any such features that we naturally see occurring in skin types are considered a flaw in Korea.

For this, Koreans use different beauty products to hide there “flaws” and go through cosmetic procedures to get rid of them.

Korean flawless skin

9. Light skin

As opposed to the many Western countries where people like the idea of tan skin, the standard of beauty in middle Asia is ‘white skin’.

People are mainly influenced by their celebrity idols who mostly have white skin tones.

Most people in Korea already have light skin. But for the ones who don’t, there’s a whole set of procedures taken to make your skin lighter.

Products like skin-lightening creams and cosmetic procedures where a substance called glutathione is injected into the skin for a lighter appearance

Korean beauty standards light skin

10. Narrower nose

Having a small face means having a nose that fits your small face.

If you get a jaw reduction and your nose still stands out, it means you have to get a surgery to match your new face.

Koreans don’t like the visibility of a nose bridge and a flat nose, so they make appointments to make even the smallest changes.  

They rhinoplasty to reduce the size of their nose-bridge and to make it seem less wide from the front. Basically, the rule is: Shapely from the side and narrow from the front.

We can say that an innocent looking face is overly-hyped. And that is what everybody, especially females desire.

Korean plastic surgery

In Korea, people are meticulous when it comes to their face.

A part of this has to do with the tremendous media influence  that has people the same way their favorite idols, most of whom fit their popularize beauty standards

With parents providing money for plastic surgery as a graduation gift to their kids, we can understand how serious people take their aesthetics in Korea.

Here are some examples of Korean Idols who look like CGI:

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