50 year old man catfishes fans posing as a hot “Biker Chick”

Hear me out. This story starts crazy. A young Japanese, female motorbike rider,  who recently amassed a huge fan following on social media turned out to be a 50-year-old guy who has been altering his look although FaceApp and Photoshop. This shocking truth was disclosed to the fans when the man unwittingly published a picture on Twitter which raised suspicions among people who followed the account.


The biker was able to amass a considerable sized following on social media and also managed to prevent any suspicion until recently.  Those who followed the account closely on Twitter always had some suspicions regarding who was really behind it. Some eagle-eyed fans found their doubts to be verified when some bike photos published in February in this account revealed irregularities in the rearview mirror. In the recent photograph posted last month of her motorcycle, some sharp sighted fans noticed the reflection of a middle-aged man in the rearview mirror. Using popular gender swap filter on FaceApp, which makes it possible for users to modify their look, the man changed his appearance dramatically.

Once the photo got viral, Japanese media attempted to gather more information about the “biker girl”. Images shared on Facebook show that the media crew confronted the biker and upon questioning found out that the 50 year old man was indeed the “biker girl”.

japanese biker girl

Upon further questioning, the man responded that he changed his appearance because nobody wanted to see an ‘uncle’ on social media. He also admitted to have posted a morphed image of himself as a woman on the social media purely for pleasure. But as he immediately gained over 1,000 followers in doing so, he decided to continue the catfishing because he liked all the attention he was getting from being an online celebrity.

I mean Japan is crazy but this has to be one of the craziest stories in recent times.


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